Miko Plastic Surgery – Review, Complaint and Allegation

This consumer complaint against Miko Plastic Surgery was first published by an anonymous source at a (now defunct) website called ComplaintsBase.com on Aug 10, 2016.

The title of the complaint was –

Miko Plastic Surgery, Plastic Surgery Disaster

and the user awarded a rating of 0/5 to Miko Plastic Surgery based on his/her experience.

Here is the complete text of the review which has now been deleted from the source –

I had a tummy tuck and an implant in my breasts, so essentially a mommy makeover done by Miko Plastic Surgery. Dr. Miko seemed to be a qualified doctor and well versed in his practice. I read all of his Yelp reviews which convinced me to go to him. Do not let all that hype deceive you. I trusted him with my body and he did an awful job. | To start, recovery was absolutely miserable. He does not have a very good bedside manner as I was expecting. My recovery took me an entire week longer to be able to get up and go back to work. I felt like something had to be wrong. When we looked at my scars they were seriously infected. I was so scared. I had to go on a load of antibiotics. The procedure itself seemed to have gone fine. I wait for the infection to subside and the stitches seemed to be healing but the scar tissue around my implant was not. I was had experienced capsular contracture and there was nothing the doctor could do about it. I feel like I could have got 100% better care elsewhere. I do not the look the way that I was hoping for, in fact, I do not see much improvement. I spent far too much money to be so disappointed.


Defrauders.com Team is in the process of investigating Miko Plastic Surgery to compile as many critical reviews, scam reports, lawsuits, and litigation info related to Miko Plastic Surgery. We will soon publish a more detailed dossier on Miko Plastic Surgery with in-depth analysis and a final projected score for Miko Plastic Surgery based on multiple factors.

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