BetterHelp – Review, Complaint and Allegation

This consumer complaint against BetterHelp was first published by an anonymous source at a (now defunct) website called on Feb 18, 2016.

The title of the complaint was –

BetterHelp, Not Licensed Professionals

and the user awarded a rating of 0/5 to BetterHelp based on his/her experience.

Here is the complete text of the review which has now been deleted from the source –

You really need to evaluate your personal needs and state of mental help before using BetterHelp. An online therapist might be a more inexpensive but not necessarily qualified or helpful. Sometimes people just need someone to talk to, but in my sister’s case, she relied on them for serious help. They advertise high standards but did not deliver. They keep a lot of things hidden, like the fact they do not accept insurance, until after you have signed up. Also, they bombard the client with text messages and emails advertising their help, not using the contact to actually help the person. There is no real benefit of this online company. Team is in the process of investigating BetterHelp to compile as many critical reviews, scam reports, lawsuits, and litigation info related to BetterHelp. We will soon publish a more detailed dossier on BetterHelp with in-depth analysis and a final projected score for BetterHelp based on multiple factors.

If you or your friends/family have had an experience with BetterHelp that you might want to share with us, please get in touch with us immediately. All communication is kept strictly confidential and private.


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