Arizona Investment & Management – Review, Complaint and Allegation

This consumer complaint against Arizona Investment & Management was first published by an anonymous source at a (now defunct) website called on Jul 8, 2017.

The title of the complaint was –

Arizona Investment & Management, WORST Property Management Company

and the user awarded a rating of 0/5 to Arizona Investment & Management based on his/her experience.

Here is the complete text of the review which has now been deleted from the source –

This is a terrible property management company, one of the worst that you can work with. I had them taking care of a property that we were renting out as we reside in another state. | They were supposed to take care of all of the repairs, and maintenance that the renters needed. They were supposed to be the main contact for our renters. Not even a month later, I got a call from a renter that they were having trouble with the plumbing and were also in need of kitchen maintenance. | Even I could not get ahold of the property management company. They did not answer five of my calls. When I finally got ahold of them, they said that they would take care of the issue. | They still did not take care of anything, even a week later. Next thing I knew, HOA was calling me. I had to fly all the way to Arizona to take care of the problem. I ended up letting them go and hiring someone else. THey defeat the whole purpose of even having property management. Team is in the process of investigating Arizona Investment & Management to compile as many critical reviews, scam reports, lawsuits, and litigation info related to Arizona Investment & Management. We will soon publish a more detailed dossier on Arizona Investment & Management with in-depth analysis and a final projected score for Arizona Investment & Management based on multiple factors.

If you or your friends/family have had an experience with Arizona Investment & Management that you might want to share with us, please get in touch with us immediately. All communication is kept strictly confidential and private.


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