ADM Ventures – Review, Complaint and Allegation

This consumer complaint against ADM Ventures was first published by an anonymous source at a (now defunct) website called on Apr 13, 2018.

The title of the complaint was –

ADM Ventures, I Learned Nothing From ADM

and the user awarded a rating of 0/5 to ADM Ventures based on his/her experience.

Here is the complete text of the review which has now been deleted from the source –

I gave ADM ventures inc. several chances before calling it quits and labeling them a scam. Giving the benefit of the doubt was not worth it so I had to share. I looked into ADM in the first place because I was considering starting my own online business.I already had some knowledge under my belt before pursuing this endeavor, so I would not consider myself to be naive.Their claim was that if I joined their team, I would be earning as much as $5,000 to $8,000 within in the first month. The catch was that I had to put $12,000 down to take their classes and get the coaching. | Their so-called “training,” was bad from the start.Most of the classes were online, so I had to rely on their website. The problem with that was that their server was down most of the time. Half the time I could not access the classes and the other half they were freezing.It was hard to get ahold of anyone. They would not take my calls and it took them at least 4 weeks to return a message. I put in a request for a refund, but it was downhill from there. They stopped all contact with me altogether. | I did some deeper research so I could file a report with the FTC. It turns out that the company was formerly known as eMillionaire and eMentoring. The company got shut down because it was a scam. As far as I know, the scam continues, just in a different name.Whatever you do, do not sign up for anything of theirs. It is not worth your time or money. Team is in the process of investigating ADM Ventures to compile as many critical reviews, scam reports, lawsuits, and litigation info related to ADM Ventures. We will soon publish a more detailed dossier on ADM Ventures with in-depth analysis and a final projected score for ADM Ventures based on multiple factors.

If you or your friends/family have had an experience with ADM Ventures that you might want to share with us, please get in touch with us immediately. All communication is kept strictly confidential and private.


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