Debt Nirvana – Unlawfully Extorting Money From Individuals

This scam targets innocent individuals and companies by threatening and harassing them to pay for baseless and illogical grounds. They are a backend extortion service for companies like Regus.

How many of you have ever had to deal with a debt recovery agent? How many of you have ever had bad debt? I guess not many, but the ones who have had to will be able to relate a lot better to this article, and the ones who’ve been fortunate enough to stay away from them still need to be aware of how the dirty, dark, and illegal nexus of extortion operates so that you are able to distinguish between what is legit and what is a scam. Debt Nirvana is a great example of how such scams operate, I recently almost fell prey to their nasty tactics, and they attempted to con me, but being a lawyer myself, I understand the law a lot better than the amateurs at Debt Nirvana, and hence was able to tell they were a bunch of scammers just trying their luck.

My experience with Debt Nirvana

Debt Nirvana is a name i have never heard, i could hardly find anything substantial on Google about them, all i could see and spot was paid PR and fake positive reviews. So let me begin to tell you about my experience and how I came to know of this scam. I had taken up an office space a few years ago in Regus , its a co-working space and they have offices around the globe. Unlike Debt Nirvana, they are very popular and reputed, but unfortunately, they too play a pivotal role in this extortion scheme that these debt recovery companies run. You will know more about it later in this article. So i had the office in Regus for a couple of months and then due to some professional and personal reasons, i had to vacate the office before the lock-in period. I informed the manager at Regus and amicably and mutually we decided that it is absolutely alright for me to vacate and the security deposit that i had paid will be adjusted accordingly and i will be refunded the balance. I even received an email stating and confirming the same. A few days after i left the space and went to collect some belongings, i noticed that the same space had already been given to another company. I did not pay much heed to that and was in fact happy that they were able to find a new tenant so soon.

Almost 1-1.5 years later i happen to receive an email from Debt Nirvana asking me to pay for the entire amount of the lock-in period and telling me that if i do not pay up, they will file a legal case against me. They have been sending me threatening emails and texts and have even been calling me for the same. They have absolutely no grounds to demand any kind of money, i still haven’t received the money i paid as security deposit and instead they are telling me to pay for the entire lock-in period of 12 months. How is this scam even operating? I am surprised to see how come they haven’t been exposed. Being a woman , receiving calls from their amateur salesmen, threatening me and harassing me on a daily basis is intolerable. I will be filing a criminal suit against them and i will ensure i share my experience on all social media platforms and that i expose them so that they are not able to baselessly dupe , harass and threaten any more innocent individuals.

The owners of the company

Ravi Malhotra and Shilpi Malhotra – the founders of the scam called Debt Nirvana

Shilpi Malhotra, a woman herself, authorizes her team to harass women to extort money on fraudulent and baseless grounds. And what’s even funnier is that they both are apparently Ex-Google employees; what a shame, and honestly, what a pity!

Regus has been sharing my personal and financial information with these scammers, which clearly proves that even they have a hand in this dirty nexus. This company operates as an illegal backend extortion service for various companies with the sole objective to threaten, harass and extort as much from as many possible irrespective of any legal grounds.

Complaints on the Internet

Upon further research i came across the following complaints as well on the internet –

Sahana Chattopadhyay and Anita Gupta from Kolkata share a similar experience like me. I am sure Debt Nirvana must be having hundreds if not thousands of cases like me.

An account executive in Faridabad, Haryana, calls this the worst company. This company has no credibility; it is built on illegal extortion schemes and fraudulent practices. Their only goal is to find gullible and unsuspecting people to pressure and threaten into paying so that they can return to their bosses or white-collar companies and show them the results to continue paying them. They have to depend on their masters like Regus and threaten and blackmail people every day to stay alive. They need to be shut down and completely exposed.

I want everyone to say what they think and share their experiences and proof in the comments below. They will not stop until they are exposed. I’d like you to please be aware of this company and not entertain their emails, calls, or texts. They need to be boycotted. If someone contacts you about lousy debt collection, you should talk to the company to which you owe money. Please don’t get involved with any third-party agency like this.

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